• Giving books to the youth
    One of the schools we visited to donate books.
  • Building Libraries
    Libraries are a crucial component of our education.
  • Youth conferences
    Instilling and nurturing a culture of leadership in young people.
  • We deliver to our youth
    More than 12 000 books have been donated to date.

We've donated more than 0 books to date...


Ebonoko Foundation was established in 2012 by Emmanuel Bonoko, an enthusiastic, energetic and dedicated individual who has passion for leadership, youth empowerment , entrepreneurship and serving others. The foundation was formed with the aim to make transformation in the society through education, leadership, empowerment and serving others .

Our first major project under Ebonoko Foundation was the book drive initiative which we started with only collecting three books to thousands books per month. To date we have donated over 12 000 books across SA, the book drive give birth to youth mentorship, bursaries campaigns, and youth seminars.

The position state of the foundation is exceptional excellent based on the impact we make to communities we work with, some of the schools we have adopted have done well in their grade 12 results, our mentees have enrolled in different higher institutions and we have empowered many young people through reading and education through our book drive projects and seminars “Education Is Not Preparation For Life, Is Life Itself” – John Dewey American philosopher And Education Re-former.



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