The Book Drive

The book drive project was  our first  initiative which  was headed  under EBonoko Foundation from the year 2012 until  now still going from strength to strength. Through the project  we collect all types of  books  from motivational books, poetry books, business books, texts books, dictionaries, spiritual books  and other informative books , after collection we donate them to under-developed schools, charities, libraries and prisons  or any community center with insufficient  books resources.

We believe knowledge is power and enables one to get freedom. Many of the world’s greatest business moguls, media moguls and any ordinary achiever use information as  powerful tool for feeding and nourishing  their natural talents.

Over  10000 books donated to date!!!


As the  foundation we provide and circulate  the bursaries  information from different companies  which are available by ensuring assistance through guidance on how to apply for bursaries. We normally circulate the information to the different  schools who  lack  access to accurate and relevant information  of bursaries.

The foundation also provide quality assurances in regulating  if  the applicants  comply with prerequisites of the bursaries applying for  by ensuring integrated monitoring of application process. The foundation  has successfully  helped a number of young people under our mentorship programme  , these are the youth which is in needy of financial assistance in order to further their education.


The reason we host youth seminars is to use motivational talks as a powerful tool to empower young people  that through education one can be independent, armed with all the tools that are needed to fulfill and meaningful life. Other important factor during the hosting of events is to ensure that appropriate guidance  is been shared regarding career fields.

Through our seminars  we strive to empower  young people that passion  is the key  to career path  by making informed decisions, also we strive to empower young people that one can become a phenomenal success regardless of their background by grooming them to discover their passion.

Youth Mentorship

Through our mentorship  we  normally focuses on leadership by developing and grooming   young people to be servants and make  significant contribution in the community  as the ambassadors  and the voice of change.

We also take our young mentees  to different leadership seminars, Business seminars, career  exhibitions  and networking conferences  for them to learn and  be empowered under the leadership  of some of  the high profiled  and  influential   leaders. Last year  the foundation  took group of young people to LEADERSHIP  2020  seminars  BY DJ SBU  and The NEW G in Business  forums By  Faith Mangope, to mention a few.

Through our mentorship  our mission is to encourage young people to engage in the  society development by starting initiatives and innovation  programmes  to  transform the quality standard of the society  and embark with them on sustainable projects  for the development of  communities. So we teach them, lead them, empower them, groom them and  invest in them to start their own projects.